Training: Learning Labs

Our practitioners deliver a wide range of training and development supports both online and in person. Our learning labs are designed to be flexible and can be delivered to any tier of an organization from front line staff to senior leadership. 

Our Learning labs are developed using science-based principles and applied theory, to provide your team with the practical tools that can be used across your organization.

Popular Learning labs include:

  • Leadership and Culture Management
  • Identifying and Managing Culturally Toxic People
  • Social Power
  • Conflict Resolution (ADR)
  • Personality Type and Temperament Theory
  • Change Management

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Dr. Amir Reza Talaei delivering training on Appreciative Leadership.Adrian Deschamps delivering training on conflict resolution and de-escalation.Dr. Ted Vokes delivering training on VUCA in the workplace.

Organizational Consulting

We offer a range of consulting services that are tailored to your organization based on your current and future needs. Our time is spent in collaboration with you to generate practical solutions, that can be used to achieve your organizational goals and manage social dynamics in your workplace.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Workplace Culture Reviews
  • Social Power Analysis
  • Shaping Culture and Managing Change
  • Identification and Management of Culturally Toxic People
Dr. Ted Vokes consulting organizations on best practices.

Leadership Coaching

Our practice specializes in individual and team coaching with leaders at any tier of the organization. Coaching can be provided and tailored to the unique needs of the individual, in addition to training and/or consulting.

Coaching sessions can involve:

  • Remedial and developmental objectives
  • Implementation of Skills Acquired Through Training
  • Bridging the “Know-Do Gap”
  • Goal Identification and Action Planning
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Talent Management

Personnel Selection

Our practice specializes in personnel selection for a variety of roles ranging from executive and senior leadership to management, supervisory, and front-line staff. Our selection services use scientifically validated methods that focus on organizational culture fit, leadership potential, and mission alignment. Selection services can be performed in person or online. Professional development plans for each candidate can be provided to support hiring decisions.

Our Personnel selection services include:

  • Psychometric Testing for Person-Job Fit
  • Interviewing for Person-Culture Fit
  • Screening for Toxic Behavioural Patterns
  • Reference Checking

Job analysis

Our comprehensive job analysis model can be used to develop and update Job Descriptions, Person Specifications, Realistic Job Previews (RJP), and job ads, and informs organizations to identify training and development needs, and to design personnel selection systems, performance appraisal systems, onboarding programs, and succession planning. Only based on the results obtained from a comprehensive job analysis the above initiatives can be done successfully and tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Our Job Analysis services include:

  • Work/Task Oriented job analysis
  • Worker Oriented or Person-Centered analysis (Competency Modelling)
  • Future-Oriented or Strategic job analysis
  • Workflow analysis

A variety of methods can be used to conduct a job analysis such as questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and work diaries.

Dr. Amir Reza Talaei and Mahshid Soleimani discussing personnel selection.Dr. Ted Vokes, Jay Korneef and Dr. Amir Talaei discussing Job analysis

Human Resources Consulting

We offer a wide range of HR advice to employers on best practices, policies, and employment- related legislation including:

  • Human Rights
  • Health and Safety
  • Harassment
  • Bullying and Violence
  • Disability Management
  • WSIB
  • The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

In addition, we specialize in helping employers recognize and address signs of domestic violence in the workplace, as well as tackling aberrant employee leader behaviours. Our team is fully equipped for conducting Workplace Investigations and advising employers of their obligations under OHSA. We provide HR supervisory training in a variety of industries that include unionized and non-unionized settings.

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