A graduating class of our Micro-credential program.

Micro-Credential Certificate Programs

Offered in Partnership with St. Clair College

(in-person or virtual learning options)

Leadership & Culture Management

We are proud to offer our Micro-Credential Certificate Program in Leadership and Culture Management, developed in partnership with St. Clair College. Our Team is extremely honoured to partner with the College to deliver this program, and to continue our mission of leadership development, culture change, and promoting ethical use of social power. 
The Micro-credential program is grounded on an integrated framework of leadership and culture management designed and delivered strategically so that participants can apply what they have learned the very next day. In this once-weekly, five-month program, participants learn the cutting-edge psychology that is leadership, and as importantly, how to apply it in their specific organization.
This Certificate consists of 3 modules, each one building on the previous. Each weekly lab is a rich learning experience consisting of case studies, real-life examples, and insight-building exercises. Our 4-hour sessions will be delivered one evening per week, accumulating to a total of 80 hours of in-class work, and 30 hours of out of class project work.  Participants select their own capstone project and draw upon the applied psychology theory learned in training,  as a tool in achieving their leadership objectives. For new or aspiring leaders, the out-of-class work can focus on a leadership skills development workbook that can be completed over the course of the training.
This program is suitable for aspiring, new, and well-seasoned leaders alike, as each participant tailors their application of their in-class learning to their specific leadership goals. 
This Micro-Credential Certificate in Leadership and Culture Management is a new offering of Continuing Education and Corporate Training at St. Clair College. Accordingly, in addition to the public offering, it can be tailored and delivered to a single corporation who have a group of leaders or potential leaders they wish to grow and develop. 

Strategic Leadership & Culture Transformation

Coming soon in-person and virtual.

For more information see  St. Clair's program page, or contact St. Clair directly via:

Tina Papac
519-972-2727, ext. 5241

Of course, you are always welcome to reach out to our team at Vokes Leadership Group for more details.

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